Golden Plains 8

Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

March 8-10 2014


Well, that was a weekend that will live long in the memory. Sixxx had some of the most amazing highlights ever seen in The Sup. Languid at times, astronomically-astonishing at others. Thankyou sincerely to everyone who came, played, helped, worked, everything. Magical. Some Photos by Mia McDonald, Leah Robertson and Nick Cooke here.

Lots of Videos: CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires – Part 1 & Part 2, Wild Flag, Harmony, Roky Erickson, Hunting Grounds, Keynote Speaker Barry Dickins and the Opening Ceremony with thanks to Robert McCafferty and team.

If you were there, feedback Keeps GP Vital so please let us know your thoughts.

“Every show we’ve had a special connection to the crowd but oh tonight was spiritual” Nile Rodgers.

So good. Thankyou. See you at Lucky 7 next year.




Feeliiiiiing Sixxxy

Yep, we are There yet. It’s time to put on music, light the lights and Get Things Started for Golden Plains Sixxx in the four-dimensional flesh. HOLY SMOKES, CANNOT TELL YOU how extra-cited we are for this one.  The LineUp is nuts, the site is the best it’s ever been, and everything’s humming along like a fantasy. The Little Golden Booklet is available to download now – it has everything you need if you are going, including Playing Times, Maps, tips, everything. If you are going to Sixxx you need to download, print, read and bring:


Golden Jubilee

Sixxx is an Exxxtravaganza, a Show – with a sleep-in and late checkout on Day Three.  As usual, there’s no commercial sponsors, a No Dickheads Policy, and it’s BYO – but bring NO GLASS. Gates open 8am Saturday and music gets made from 2pm. Arrive in convoy to camp together. The forecast looks decent enough but some showers are likely, as are cold nights. Bring a good waterproof coat, boots, lotsa warm clothes and warm bedding, check the tent is in good nick with all poles, ropes, pegs, etc. Bring a pillow and toothbrush.

Ecoplex Flexes Pecs

The Ecoplex Cinema has decided what it will eat on the weekend. Not your usual fare. For a full menu, head here.

Also, from the stage on Sunday morning the inconquerable Barry Dickins will give this year’s Keynote Address, ‘Why Make Art?’. Barry is a playwright, author, artist, teacher and terrific lunch company. We love the man. 10am Sunday.


Ticket = Wristband = Passport

Tickets to Golden Plains Sixxx are  completely sold out. If you are coming, please put your wristband on (not too tight) as you head to the festival, and leave it on for the duration until you are out the gate heading home at the end. Please warn that idiot that there is ZERO TOLERANCE on anyone attempting to get in without a valid wristband – trespassers are handed over to the Police, and anyone assisting someone without a valid ticket will be banned from entry. Regrettably this past year has seen more people charged with Trespass – don’t do it.

The Rochester

Hire your own private canvas room (some call it a tent) in advance, then arrive on-site via the express lane and drive straight to your reserved car space near your already-set up and furnished room (ok it’s a tent, but a good one). The Rochester is located in prime campground between Mulwaverley and Hong Kong close to the Amphitheatre, showers and toilets.

The Rochester is a boutique establishment and vacancies are very limited.

Eric’s Terrace – For Lovers

If someone takes your fancy you can now suggest “how about dinner and a show tonight?” Yes, Uncle Doug’s team of technicians have designed and built a new bar at The Sup – the first since the Pink Flamingo took flight in ’62. Eric’s Terrace sits majestically at the top of the Amphitheatre, with commanding stage views and a convenient location adjacent to The Meredith Eye for a romantic post-dinner spin. Eric’s serves the finest local wines, exotic refreshments and superb fresh local produce in comfort. Breakfast and coffee are served each day from 8am to 12 midday.

Golden Era

Golden Plains decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow. The Sup has a huge new elevated campground so you can spread out even more, world’s-best-practice facilities and amenities for camping and glamping alike, an ongoing human/planet accord which includes waterless composting loo systems and everysinglething from all food stalls being recyclable. Please keep your campsite clean using bags we provide, and help us clean up the Amphitheatre during Housekeeping. If you bring couches or furtniture, you must take them home at the end.

Stay Golden

Sixxx years in and blossoming. See you there? Many thanks to all who have been part of it so far. Remember, bring an open mind, get loose but keep your shit together. Take it easy, look after yourself and others. Its not a race! It just Is. If there’s anything you’d like to see there or any ideas please let us know.

For those unable to Be Sixxxy this time, the astonishing, consistently-phenomenal RRR will be broadcasting live from the festival on Saturday night from 6pm.


If you have any questions my caravan door is always open. And, I tweet.



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