Golden Plains 8

Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

March 8-10 2014

Who’s Playing

So, so much. The Sound of Now, Then and Forever. High Quality, in high quantity. A chocolate-box assortment of the finest hi-fidelic phenomena on the free range frequencies, with only Supreme Luxuries and Bare Necessities making the cut. A sonoramic, panoramic fifty-hour ride Up thru the Atmosphere, Up where the air is clear, from the bombastic-est end of the musical spectrum to the tiniest flick of a cuticle plectrum, fitted and knitted together in a lovingly-stitched seamless slip’n’slide down The Grassy Nolan Embankment into Forever, Then and Now over an Epic Long Weekend of Sonic Adventure in the Greatest of Outdoors. IN OTHER WORDS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF IT’S NUTS.

Playing Times can be found here.

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