Golden Plains 8

Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

March 8-10 2014

The Perch Creek Family Jugband

Most parents wouldn’t approve of their kids forming a band, leaving it all behind and hitting the road. But in the case of Bob Hodgkins, eccentric Jugband leader from Perch Creek, he must be proud as his 8 kids continue his great tradition of jugband music. Not all of them are musicians but all play a role in the band (we’re told the oldest brother is the band “mechanic”). Jug Band could be the original D.I.Y. music form – defined by the mix of traditional and homemade instruments. Guitars, banjos, washboards, kazoos – these guys must have had some interesting toys as kids and they can rip it up on all them. Barn-dance bangers on a Summer Sunday in The Sup’. Drink up your moonshine and party like its NYE 1929.

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