Golden Plains 8

Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

March 8-10 2014

Flying Lotus

A Supernatural Dream Come True. A luxury. A rarity. King Of The Beats, and now up in the Alltime Stakes – there’s a legit claim he is one of the greatest of all time; his music will be remembered. In the modern era, only an elite few match FlyLo’s total mastery, blending boom bap from the rap and cut up electronics, delivered with the spirit of jazz. Like no other.

In an Australian first, he is bringing the biggest visual experience he’s ever done here to GP; his 3D 3.0 show. If you know FlyLo, this needs no explanation. If you don’t, you are in for a thrill. Basically: unmissable. Will Soar above The Sup’. Lotus Elite.

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