Golden Plains 8

Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

March 8-10 2014


Yes it was raining but there was barely a dry eye in the house when Cutters played their now-legendary Meredith homecoming set in 2011. It was during the peak of Lights and Music that the light rain came down, adding an atmospheric layer to an already-highly-charged triumph. It was a modern-day BIG Meredith memory. This GP appearance constitutes both an encore to that, and a brand new chapter, as the new album is out.

That album is influenced by San Francisco’s Summer of Love in 1967 and Britain’s Second Summer of Love in 1988: “The concept of freedom is one that’s universally positive and timeless, and whatever each person’s version of that freedom is, it’s a good thing to be reminding people or even just ourselves to be ‘free.’”

Free Your Mind, Sunday Night.

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